Maintaining the mobility and independence of older people through the robotic support system GARMI

GARMI is designed as a care robot for the elderly. The robot is audio-visually responsive which enables intuitive handling.
The humanoid robot assistant helps seniors with activities of daily living and can support patients with rehabilitation exercises. Equipped with various measuring devices, such as an ECG device, a blood pressure monitor and a device for performing ultrasound treatments, GARMI can support doctors in telemedical treatment through its IoT-sensors. In the event of an emergency, the parameters of the measuring devices can be transmitted to medical professionals to enable a rapid response.

The team of RAILS accompanies the development and prepares legal papers / articles in which ethical, data protection and medical product law issues are dealt with on the basis of selected use-cases. Furthermore, the articles analyse how the question of liability can be solved contractually and under tort law.

Project team

  • Professor Martin Ebers
  • Leon Birck (Research assistant)
  • Jana Sina Schmidberger (Research assistant)