Artificial intelligence (AI) and (intelligent) robotics are changing our society. This presents legal, ethical, social and political challenges that are not yet clear at this stage. RAILS wants to address these challenges and actively shape the discussion about the current and future national and international legal framework for AI and robotics by identifying the need for regulatory action and developing concrete recommendations.

The aim is to ensure that intelligent systems are designed in a responsible way, providing a legal framework that facilitates technical developments, avoids discrimination, ensures equal treatment and transparency, protects fundamental democratic principles and ensures that all parties involved are adequately participating in the economic results of the digitalization. We are convinced that this goal can only be achieved on an interdisciplinary basis. The interdisciplinary orientation and interdisciplinary cooperation in the society’s sections is therefore of crucial importance underlining at the same time RAILS’s self-image of not being an obstacle, but rather a pioneer in shaping the future.

RAILS was founded – after a first meeting in Berlin at the beginning of 2017 – in August of the same year with headquarters in Hannover. The founding members are Prof. Dr. Martin Ebers, Prof. Dr. Jan Eichelberger, Prof. Dr. -Ing. Sami Haddadin, Prof. Dr. Christian Heinze, RAin Prof. Dr. Tina Krügel, Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Schwintowski, Dr. Björn Steinrötter and Prof. Dr. Arthur-Axel Wandtke.

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